17 january horoscope for cancer

When it comes to a financial matter or obligation that you share with someone else, you may need to have a sit-down with them today and re-negotiate the terms or handle some accounting duties. In matters of the heart, don't allow others or an unobtainable ideal diminish your worth. Someone could come to you for help or assistance today.

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Just be mindful of giving too much of your time or attention to a person that drains you of your energy. When it comes to love and romance, you're at your most attractive when loving up on yourself and having fun. Your focus is on your health and well-being today and as such you're called to nourish yourself from the inside out, especially if you're giving your time and attention towards helping others.

On a similar note, this could be a good time to organize your living space or office. While you love entertaining and holding court with your friends, today calls for you to be a little more selfish with your time.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

Look to ways that you can channel your creative energy and give an outlet to your thoughts and ideas. In love, it's possible for you to meet someone new. You may have a lot on your plate when it comes to your career and ambitions but in order to get everything done, you're going to need to come from a centered and grounded place.

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Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Be more aggressive about getting what you want.

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Aries March 21 - April They continually put themselves "out there" to prove their abilities are undiminished. Despite their conservatism, January 17 people have an odd collection of friends. They enjoy looking outside of their realm of experience to find people who can show them life-lessons they may not otherwise learn. Romance is often unfulfilling; they demand loyalty, holding lovers to almost impossible standards.

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People born on this date may keep their feelings regarding their family a secret. Episodes from their childhood often become the building blocks of opportunity.

Your Daily Horoscope For January 17,

They have a tendency to overindulge their youngsters to make up for what they did not have. Keeping healthy is not just a matter of common sense for the people born on this date -- it's a spiritual quest. So make that first move. You may feel frustrated today, with lots of crossed wires and mixes messages.

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The goal of today is to focus and enhance what you can control. Ignore the rest. The bad news: While this cycle is beginning today, today may not be the day you find love. A miscommunication or mix up may occur. Try not to take it personally. Everything will get sorted later in the week.

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In the meantime, use any downtime today to focus on art—either making it or appreciating it. And yes, Scorpio, you usually have your home exactly as you like it. But a word of caution: Dream big, but avoid action today. Today is a good day for seeing big picture, but your excitement may make it tough to compare and contrast options.


Gather intel, ask for insight from friends, but—as hard as it is—wait to act. Today is a great day to start on a self-care regimen and find pleasure in the simple things. Caps, today is a day you crossed the finish line so feel proud of yourself! Expect to see new opportunities and potential, and be confused as to what you want and how it fits into your life.