Aquarius horoscope march 2020 in hindi

Your married life will be smooth.


You will have the support and cooperation of your partner in all spheres of life. Your enemies will not be able to harm you.

Rashifal 2020 Kumbh - Aquarius horoscope 2020- Zodiac 2020 Prediction Kumbh Rashi - कुम्भ राशि 2020

However, you should be wary of their motives. Worries about the future of your children might bother you. Acquiring a new vehicle or house is possible during this month. You will have a good relationship with your father as well as your mother. They will help you by whatever means possible. You may be able to achieve your career objectives. Those who are preparing for Competitive examinations should continue with their hard work if they want to achieve success.

Students will pass with flying colors in their examinations. Those who are looking for a job will be able to bag one of their choices. You will spend time with your peer groups. You may befriend new people as well. Property related issues may end up in your favour. You should plan your actions according to the given time and situation. You should be careful on 1st, 2nd, 10th, 11th, 19th, and 20th of this month as the planetary positions indicate problematic situations on these dates.


Abstain from undertaking any auspicious tasks on this day. Your financial status will be stable during this month.

You will be able to reap the benefits of the efforts done by you. There will be good opportunities that will help you to upgrade your standard of living. You will earn well during December and will be required to balance your income and expenditures, failing which you will face consequences. The transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius will help you to prosper. You should give the best you can in order to gain the most. Business will flourish if you are involved in one. Your relationship with your business partner will be that of understanding. If you are into a job, you can start a noble side-business for some extra earnings.

You can also invest your money for long term benefits. There might be some problems with your family members related to your business. Handle such situations with patience and maturity. Do not get involved in arguments or controversial matters. You should focus on your goals and not let these disturbances divert your attention. Controlling your temper will help you keep situations in hand. You should be cautious while carrying out monetary transactions. A little carelessness on your part can make you face harsh consequences. Therefore, you should behave in a responsible manner in such cases.

You will enjoy good health in this month. There might be some petty issues like fever or headache, which you will be able to tackle easily. However, being nonchalant about your health might drag you to suffer from various illnesses. Hence, you should ensure your health and well-being. You might have to face problems in your love life during this month. Petty issues will take the form of heated arguments. You will have war of words during which both of you might utter some words that may hurt the sentiments of the other. You should realise that every relationship has its highs and lows.

You should not lose hope during the rough times.

It is actually the time when your love is out to test. You should try to think well before speaking.

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Avoid using any disrespectful words. You should also try to avoid too much interaction with your partner as it will again lead to arguments.

Kumbh Rashi 2020 In Hindi

Wait for the situation to cool down and then calmly deal with it. A third person may try to shatter your relationship. Such a person will try to create misunderstandings between you and your partner. Do not let these misunderstandings seep into your bond of love.

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You can make things work nd that is why, you should try to do it. Wedded duos will have a blissful married life. Your partner will render you the much-needed support. Relationship with your partner will keep getting better day by day during the course of this month. Their devotion and commitment towards you will win your heart. You will have an amicable relationship with your in-laws as well. They will rush to your help, when needed. Maintaining a harmonious relationship with your life partner will bring peace and happiness in your life.

Your family life will be peaceful.

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Every member of the family will coordinate with each other and thus, the collective decisions of the family will witness an active participation of everyone. This will create a sense of belongingness for every person of the family. Because of cordial relationship with each other, you will be able to deal with problems as they come into being.

The transit of the planet Saturn in the Zodiac Sign Sagittarius will pan out to be progressive for your family life. You should trust the members of your family. Your relationship with your parents will be good. They will support you and will serve to be your pillar of strength, no matter what the situation may be. Their health and well-being might be a matter of concern for you. Ensure that they consume a healthy diet.

Seek medical advice if they succumb to any kind of illness.

Mercury enters Sagittarius

Your siblings will be affectionate towards you. On the other hand, married natives may spend sleepless nights worrying about their children. Securing a bright future for them will be the cause of your concern. Your children will do well during this period and will make you a proud parent. An auspicious activity might be organised in your home premises. You should donate cleaning materials like broomstick, cleaning cloth, phenyl, floor cleaner, etc.

Your help and cooperation for the maintenance of temples with help you a great deal.